Svel tea Ecommerce website



Project type

UI/UX design of Detox ecommerce website

Technology stack

Photoshop, UI/UX, Invision, Illustrator



To design a brand new modern design for detox company who had new idea what they want. Client was non-technical and it was a big challenge to convince everything I designed.

It was very good project for me. Despite client’s non-technical his continuous communication helped me designing this beautiful website for him. I focused on making UI/UX clean, spacious as well highlight his product and that’s why I used carry bag type of design for his products which helped making home page beautiful.

For shopping cart, he wanted to make process simple, quicker for his client and optimised the process in a way he wants.

My approach:

I took all the details from client about his target audience, their geo location, his audience choices etc and created a user persona to know what kind of website his audience would like to visit. This persona gives me idea and helped me lot specially for home page.

I use various tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision. Wireframe also were created for client to give him idea of how his home page look.

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Home page