Ebad Akbari (US, Afghanistan)

Project type

Online Translation service website

Technology stack

UI/UX, Photoshop, HTML5, SASS, Bootstrap, Responsive web design, WordPress, PayPal,PHP

Client requirement:

To design clean and elegant website for online translation service provider.


Super clean interface and lengthy home page displaying all service client provide. Client have lack of technical understanding so he wanted everything as close as possible to keep the length of pages. I first educated about UX, Usability, Pros and Cons of bad UX before moving forward.

My approach:

keeping layout clean, not so much lengthy was main goal. To achieve this I kept all elements close to each other despite keeping good UX.

Use white and similar colour as background to differentiate sections from others so that user’s doesn’t get confuse.

For the order page, removed all menus, header to keep the form short and simple for user by not giving them unnecessary options, content.

Live website can be view here: Click here